August 19, 2011

Labor and Delivery Prologue

In an understatement a lot has happened since we crossed the thirty-two week pregnancy mark. Over the coming days, as time and sleep allow, we will try and post summations of the past month. Our last detailed post was two days before the girls were born, so it seems appropriate to start with the story of their birth.

At Jamie's perinatal appointment on Friday, July 15th her cervix measured 2.5 centimeters, which is about the smallest size allowed before a woman is put on bed rest. A shrinking / thinning cervix (called effacement) is normal late in pregnancy and is especially normal at 32 weeks for a mother of twins. Remember at this point Jamie's uterus was measuring the size of a 43 week pregnant mother of one. Since everything appeared to be status quo we scheduled the next months worth of appointments.

Friday night we met Meghan and Justin for dinner then went back to our place so Jamie could show Meghan the newly decorated nursery. As a present Justin's mother had painted the girl's names using the nursery's color pallet. Hanging these two pictures on the wall put the finishing touches on the room. Justin then very nicely took a series of pictures of the nursery.

Justin tries out the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing pillow
The next morning Jamie and I attended a Labor and Delivery course at Presbyterian. The course was a wealth of information providing labor tips, medical facts, and a hospital tour. During the class the instructor described several indicators that labor was starting. Jamie had one of the symptoms described which led her to contact her OBGYN's office. Unfortunately, since it was Saturday we were only able to speak with the on call doctor who felt Jamie's symptoms were probably the result of the battery of tests Jamie had received the day before. He indicated she should take it easy and stay out of the sun. Confident that everything was okay Jamie and I finished the class.

Sunday morning we met Nate, Lindsey, Ryan and Deb for breakfast. This was the first time Jamie was able to meet Ryan's new girlfriend Deb who is a labor and delivery nurse at Presbyterian. Deb was kind enough to give Jamie her contact information and encouraged her to call when she went into labor. After breakfast we headed over to Duff and Libbiey's to watch the Women's World Cup Final. We left at half time because Jamie was not feeling too well. We went home and she napped the rest of the afternoon.

Jamie on Sunday morning right before we left to meet our friends
That evening we went to my parent's house for our bi-weekly family meal. Jamie still felt under the weather, but felt better than she had earlier in the day. As we visited before dinner Jamie felt Baby A (the lower baby) turn from a transverse (crosswise position) to a breached position (feet down). The baby then proceeded to kick downward repeatedly. This whole process occurred very quickly and was very painful. Once in the breached position the baby kicked off and on for the rest of the evening.

At 2:00 AM I awoke to “Andrew I think my water just broke.” It certainly had. I spent the next 10 minutes hopping around our bedroom trying to quickly get dressed and get on my walking boot. A comedy writer could pay more justice to the hilarity of this scene. Jamie and I did not have “the bag” ready. While we waited for a call back from the on call OBGYN, we grabbed the things which had been emphasized during our Labor and Delivery course the day before most specifically a tooth brush. Which I might add I am really glad the instructor emphasized bringing, if you are going to be in close proximity to your partner breathing heavily for hours on end it's nice to do it with minty fresh breath and clean teeth. While Jamie was incredibly calm I was pretty frantic. We grabbed what made the most sense and headed out the door.

Our trip to the hospital and our experiences there will be detailed in a post on labor and delivery.

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