March 29, 2011

Baby Things for Twins

Purchasing things for twins is not as simple as it is for singletons. Everything is doubled and what might work for a singleton will not work for twins.

We read more reviews, blogs, and information about strollers than any other item. As it turns out, you just can't buy a double stroller. Many double strollers are for a baby and a toddler and do not accommodate twins. After this information narrowed our search we settled on the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

Next up was a Graco Pack 'N Play Playard for Twins. Which isn't terribly different from a regular Graco Pack 'N Play but comes with twin bassinets.

Specific items for twins do not stop with the stroller and pack 'n play. There are twin nursing pillows, twin sleep books, and a variety of overpriced if cute twin onesies.

With all of the twin baby items to choose from we are trying to make smart decisions.


  1. Love the "copy" and "paste" onesies!

  2. Yeah they are really cool. Rather than buy them though I think we are going to make our own with iron on prints.

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