March 26, 2011

The Steele Babies are Ladies

Yesterday Jamie and I had our second specialist appointment at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico. During this visit our ultrasound was again one and a half hours, but we learned some very exciting news: our twins are girls!

Funny enough Jamie was more disappointed by this news than I was. She was convinced that she was having one of each. Going so far as to say that Baby A was a girl and that Baby B was a boy. I on the other hand was convinced the twins were going to be of the same sex. I was not sure if they were boys or girls, but I knew they'd be the same.

After informing us that the twins were girls the doctor proceeded to tell us that the twins might be identical. As I explained in Types of Twins, identical Dichorionic-Diamniotic (DiDi) twins can occur if the zygote splits within four days after fertilization. This came as a surprise to Jamie and I as we had been told in January that it was likely our twins were fraternal. Even though we understood the facts about DiDi twins we had put the thought of identical twins out of our mind. We will not know if the girls are identical until after birth and even then only if we perform a DNA test.

In any case, we could not be happier with the news. Both the twins and mom are extremely healthy. Everything is progressing normally and our next specialist checkup is in a month.


  1. With affection..Twins the T-Bombs ..Proud Grandpa Avery

  2. yay! we are so excited for you guys! we cannot wait to meet them!