January 01, 2012

Little Miracles

I am feeling extremely nostalgic today as I reflect back on 2011 as the year that I will never forget. I have always had the feeling that something extraordinary would happen to me...little did I know it would be in the form of two of the most beautiful human beings that I have ever laid my eyes on.  January 5th, 2011 is the day that Andrew and I found out we were going to have twins.  One year later as I sit in our home office typing this post, the girls play happily on the floor and stare at each other smiling. What a difference a year makes.
I am so thankful every day for my two little miracles, Lilly and Paige.

Happy New Year!


  1. Great photo! Wow! Jan 5th how coincidental

  2. I remember that day well. I was sitting in the car waiting for you and Andrew to come out of the doctor's ofc. You were there to confirm the pregnancy. When you got to the car, I got out because I was so excited. You then told me that the doctor saw two dots. I said, what do you mean, two dots? You said twins and I thought you were joking. I just couldn't believe it! I love Lilly and Paige!

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