January 15, 2012

Baby Programming

From time to time I have held the girls on my lap while I program. The rhythmic, swiftly paced succession of keys captivating their attention while occasionally lulling them to sleep. (I'm proud of the previous sentence.)

Sleeping was obviously not on the agenda in this webcam photo from December.
A week ago Lilly stopped being an observer and reached for the keyboard.

In the above clip I am obviously a very proud father. Her banging opened a few programs including Notepad, resulting in arguably the most important character string every typed.
I am sure I have broken some parenting rule by having the girls occasionally hang out on my lap while I use the computer, but Lilly has obviously learned from the experience. I would love to give the girls a keyboard to play with but at this point I would be afraid of them swallowing one of the keys. For now it will be fun to let them occasionally bang on the keys in a supervised setting.

I would feel remiss if I did not point out that at home I use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite from 1998, while not as loud as the 1984 IBM Model M I use at work it still has a nice clickety-clack sound. For those of scratching your heads, I am not the only programmer with a keyboard addiction preference.

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