March 15, 2012

March Madness Day One

Jamie and her friends are in South Carolina for Amanda Sims' bachelorette party. Leaving me at home with the twins to run daddy daycare.

Jamie had a 8 am flight, so she was out of the house just after 6. That left me to wake the girls up, feed them and dress them; chores we typically tag team each morning. The twins usually wake us up by 7:15, but this morning they slept until 8. Totally awesome, except with mom gone their schedule was already in danger of being utterly wacky. Rather than be cautious I opted to feed them solids for breakfast...for the first time. Thankfully both girls enjoyed their oatmeal with bananas and finished their bottles!

After breakfast we played with blocks and read a few books. Even though they had slept in, both girls showed signs of being tired at 10 am. Amazingly, Paige slept for an hour and a half. I entertained Paige until noon when I decided I had better wake Lilly up for lunch. The girls rarely sleep this long for Jamie, score one for daddy!

After lunch the girls and I got a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa Avery. They had taken the twins' nearly three year old cousin Avery (confusing I know) skiing at Sandia. It's always fun to watch Avery interact with the girls she usually gets Paige to laugh. While I made bottles Grandma very nicely got the girls dressed in the clothes I had laid out- their typical Lobo game day garb.

Shortly thereafter the Avery's left and my parents arrived. As I said, Game Day! My parents were nice enough to watch the girls so I could meet David and Leigh Anna to watch the Lobos beat Long Beach State 75 - 68 in the first round of the NCAA tournament. As soon as the game was over I rushed home.

The girls had been good for my parents, but had only slept twenty minutes. A recipe which can make the six to seven o'clock hour a real nightmare. Hoping for the best I fed the girls bananas at 5:30. After dinner we played with cups and stacking rings. Though obviously tired the girls did great. Paige did get fussy around 6:40, but it was no big deal. After changing the girls into their pajamas I fed them their nighttime bottles. During the feed both girls passed out, making it incredibly easy to put them to bed.

March Madness Day One was a resounding success: the girls got a double helping of grandparents, I was able to catch the Lobo game, and the girls went to sleep easily. My only fear is that the day went so well I'm about to enter a nightmare.

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  1. I am glad to hear you are Super Dad! I hope it stays this good.